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Fan Report for April 24th 07! [Apr. 26th, 2007|07:34 pm]
All things Stephen Colbert


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Had a REALLY good time for my first Colbert Report taping! I flew all the way from San Francisco to New York just to see it!

Got there fairly early with my group: jenisnape and how_they_sing, who I met actually on LJ and met up with them in NY to go to the taping! We thought we would be the first people there, but we were wrong because there was an older man from Berkeley who was first in line. But it turned out fine because he bought us ice cream to eat during the wait!

After a while more people showed up and Mark the Audience Coordinator came out and opened the gates for everyone to go wait under the awning. I've read numerous reports about Mark being super nice from testimonials of people that go to tapings and I told him, "you know, everyone on the internet says you're really nice, and they were right!" He was really nice and super-modest about it. We even talked about that short video he made for that comedy video contest, and I told him how everyone on the Colbert fandom on the internet voted for him and he was SO appreciative! He said he actually did win and got flown to Aspen with Stephen who was also there to receive a reward. Mark didn't believe at first that there were no bad reports about him, but I totally assured him!

Finally they came out and gave everyone numbers and then ushered us into a holding area where we went through a metal detector. I noticed there was a flag on the wall that someone obviously had given to Stephen. (Maybe someone could update me on who it's from?) And I noticed that on the flag were A LOT of pictures I've seen all over the internet! I was thinking, Ok, Stephen has got to have seen this in order to approve it to be on his waiting room wall! Some of the pictures were SOOOO funny! One was like, "Jon and Stephen Forever XOXOXO <3 <3 <3!" and like pictures of him kissing Paul Dinello multiple times and a close up of his ass with like a wedgie in it! Also the naked portrait pics and so many others. Needless to say, I was laughing SOOOO HARD! I was thinking, Stephen MUST have seen this; he's a pretty good natured!

Then finally it was time for us to go in and they opened the double doors and I was trembling with excitement! I was the fourth person in and I had an awesome front-row seat! The warm-up guy came out and I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about him on the internet, but I actually thought he wasn't too bad. He was a pretty good guy, not too many of his jokes were funny, but it was all good.

Then finally Stephen came out and everyone was cheering and clapping so loud! Stephen ran around and gave us all hand slaps in the front row; it was so cool! Then he settled down and answered questions. No one asked any particularly good ones. I was thinking about asking him why I couldn't find his damn ice cream anywhere, not even in the Ben and Jerry's right there in NY! But I didn't. Some guy I think asked him who got laid more in college, him or Steve Carell. He was like, "Well seeing as how I didn't go to college with Steve Carell, I wouldn't know!" Then he started whispering something about Steve being a "poon-hound." It was hilarious! What was even more awesome though was during the Q&A he was standing so close to me I could have reached out and grabbed his balls if I wanted to! But that would have gotten me thrown out for good, to which my best friend tells me it would have been totally worth it. -_-

So Stephen also told us about stealing the O'Reilley microwave, which I didn't know if it was real or not! But he actually REALLY stole it! I guess the guard at Fox tried to stop him when his assistant and he were taking it out and he told the guard O'Reilley said it was ok for him to take it and the guard let him by!

Something funny I'd like to note is that they played a lot of music in the studio. Some really good stuff too, all rock, and like Stephen was TOTALLY rocking out to it; he had so much energy! The Strokes were on first and they were really good but it was funny when he started rocking out to Le Tigre, I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with them but they are this awesome chic band! He was totally doing like rock signs and air guitar, it was so funny!

Then they started the show and I have to tell you, it was so surreal actually being there watching it! I was kinda mad because the camera guy came and stood in front of me for some of the shots, which sucks! But wow, it's amazing seeing the differences between seeing it live and on TV. You see so much more stuff that the TV viewers miss! Like what I love the best is Stephen's reaction to stuff when they are playing clips. Like when they showed the clip of that black woman accusing Stephen of being French, Stephen gets REALLY into it because he is watching the clips too! He totally starts squirming in his chair and rocking back and forth and he gets these weird and cute looks on his face and he mouths the words to the clips! Like he totally has them all memorized or something! It's sooooo funny watching him watching the clips. He really gets into it and when it cuts back to him he is like SO fired up to respond!

Another thing that is great is when they cut to commercial they play some music in the studio and some of his assistants come out and make sure he's still looking good. But the best thing was, during one of the long commercial breaks they were playing Rufus Wainwright's "California" and he was singing along to the whole song! He knew every word! I about fell off my damn chair when he sang the lyrics, "Still those soft skin boys can bruise you, Yes I fell for a streaker". I ABOUT DIED WITH FANGIRL GLEE! He was so cute when he sang it!

My best friend is a Gay man and apparently the combination of The Strokes, Le Tigre, and Rufus Wainwright is "TOTALLY GAY"! He said he never knew a straight man who knew all the words to a Rufus Wainwright song! (See? I was right!!!!)

So after he did the piece on Uncle Ben and they cut to commercial he totally had this look on his face and like mouthed the words, "WTF???" like what the hell kind of fucked up segment was that? It was SO funny!

Then the last segment with the bar of lead was AWESOME because he messed up like four times in a row before he got it right! And each time just kept getting funnier and funnier! Because each time he said his opening line to the camera it was something different and it was so funny! And I don't know if anyone noticed something falling off the shelf when Stephen set that block down, because it was the light falling off the shelf and breaking from the weight of the bar! Stephen actually looked at it briefly when it fell and then after the segment he picked it up and was messing with it. The funny thing was before they started filming that segment he was like, "is this shelf actually going to hold the weight of this?" What was also silly was after that he was like, "is this actually a brick of lead?" and they were like, "no, it's iron". LOL!

So wow, the show was over WAY too fast! I never wanted it to end! The warm-up guy was out there way too long and Stephen was too short! But wow, Stephen was SO completely nice in person and he's really, really modest about his fame! He's just so nice to everyone; I think he's really appreciative of people liking him and boosting his career! What a great guy! He totally thanked everyone after the show and it was so cute. He looks really great in person: really tall and cute and when he smiles you can see these Irish crinkles around his eyes, something you don't usually see on TV! Overall, such a great experience. I can't wait to go back!

[User Picture]From: putridvulture
2007-04-27 04:31 am (UTC)
i am so jealous!
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